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SweetTooth Press Kit

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Fact Sheet:



SweetTooth is a light-hearted, action-arcade game with a flying, farting unicorn and colorful, sugar-coated levels. Collect candy to gain rainbow powers as you dodge bombs and popcorn cannons with gameplay designed to make you laugh out loud. Earn bronze, silver, and gold trophies on all levels, and search for easter eggs to unlock cosmetics for SweetTooth the unicorn.



  • Engine Organic’s original artwork and use of the low poly art style gives SweetTooth an appealing aesthetic that elicits that childlike response of walking into a candy store.

  • Play as a quirky, lovable unicorn called SweetTooth; watch as he collides with obstacles and ragdolls out of control, farting rainbows as he falls.

  • Hilarious sounds, effects, and animations make SweetTooth a fun-filled take on long-standing game mechanics - especially brought to life in virtual reality.

  • Fly, fall, and crash through brightly colored, candy-themed levels as you collect power-ups that boost you through obstacles with rainbow flatulence.

  • Listen to Jazz Power by Rene Breitbarth as you soar through a jazzy, candy world. Each track a memorable vibe for a falling, farting unicorn.

  • Find Easter Eggs in the form of Engine Organic’s iconic rocket logo; find them all and unlock a new outfit.

  • Collect candy to gain power and watch as SweetTooth’s wings begin to glow. Boost and Glide to get through tight spaces and dodge projectiles.


VR Features:
  • See the colorful world of SweetTooth in astonishing stereoscopic 3D and up to 6 degrees of freedom.

  • Use controllers to fly, glide and boost by using arm gestures and buttons.

  • Enjoy flying in a game with the highest VR comfort rating from the Oculus Store.



Engine Organic is a virtual reality game and software studio that started in 2019 by a team of three friends working in the VR industry. We are all gamers at heart and have dedicated ourselves to creating new and exciting games for the latest gaming hardware - virtual reality. Our team has professional gaming experience, both in VR and on Console, and has more than a decade of combined VR development experience. We believe we have an amazing team of artists and engineers - whose skills complement one another’s perfectly to make some awesome titles.


Our goal is to craft quality games for the casual and competitive gamer. We want to fulfill that urge to play with intensity and grit, while also accommodating that need for relaxing fun. With VR we see an opportunity to make amazing new games in an environment that is untapped and worthy of the most excellent content. Where so much of virtual reality development is a mere exploration of the hardware, we are intent on making games - real games. Join us in this new era of game development in VR! Let’s make some games!


Key Art:

Download all the key art as a zip folder here
















































Download all the logos and icons as a .zip folder here



  • Jazz Power by Rene Breitbarth

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