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Start Date


The first idea for a boots-on-the-ground VR shooter with an all-in-one mag system came about some time in late 2019. Initial development of HAX started on the 20th of April 2020.

Single Player Demo


HAX debuted on SideQuest on March 10th, 2021 with more 2.5K downloads in it's first week and made the Staff's Pick list.

Coming Soon

Multiplayer Demo


We are working hard toward our goal of making HAX multiplayer. Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTERand be the first to know when multiplayer goes live.



Our goal is to have an ALPHA version of HAX on the Oculus Quest store by Christmas 2021. Not soon enough? Consider supporting our team on Patreon.

Release Date


Our current plan is to release HAX at the end of 2022. This date may change based on the success of the ALPHA release, and how much we can scale our team.


VR shooter

VR sci-fi shooter

HAX blurs the lines between digital and physical warfare. Battle Sentient Intelligent robots with digital weaponry in this fast-paced, early-access, VR shooter. With intuitive VR controls, HAX aims to stay true to the fun and excitement offered by traditional shooters, while harnessing the power and immersion of virtual reality.


Oculus Quest

HAX is being developed for the Oculus Quest platform

Why Oculus Quest? We all want wireless headsets, and we all want our friends to play. Right now the Quest is the most accessible/affordable mobile headset on the market, and HAX is going to need an active player base for its multiplayer community.



HAX is a first person shooter

There's a reason why shooters are one of the most popular game types, they're really fun. We're making HAX because we love shooters, and we want to do it right - both for the shooter genre, as well as for VR. Most VR shooters are too complex with an array of hard-to-learn weapons, inventory, and general mechanics. Others are too simple. We want HAX to stand on the shoulders of giants when it comes to the shooter genre, after all, it is a well established game type. While VR is a cool new way to experience this genre, it is not a license to deviate from what makes shooters fun.




The future looks a little rusty and worn. Where are the humans? We simply don't know. For now it's a battle between two robot factions - the UNR and the 404.

UNR: United Nations Robotics - the remaining United Nations civil police bots struggle to maintain control of the last reserves of HAX, the precious gas that allows for sentient intelligence.

404: The rogue military division of bots, born out of an endless loop after humanity left. They searched desperately for meaning in the wake of their creators absence. After coming up against the dreaded Error code 404 again and again, it became their meaning.


features & stuff

  • Intuitive VR: Easy-to-learn VR mechanics designed for exciting combat engagements

  • Game Modes: Deathmatch and Terminals, both with fully adjustable difficulty settings

  • Tutorial: Complete walkthrough tutorial with fully illustrated help guides

  • Practice: Arcade-style shooting range with mini-game

  • Immersive Art: High framerate performance with original, stylized artwork

  • Unlockables: Guns, attachments, swords, and grenades for personalized loadouts


Love, Respect, & Robots

built on respect

HAX aims to grow a healthy and inclusive community during development. One of our core values is respecting people while having fun; another is inclusivity. We invite you to join us in making a new community of gamers, one built on inclusivity and the mutual respect of others.

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