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Start Date


The first idea for a boots-on-the-ground VR shooter with an all-in-one mag system came about some time in late 2019. Initial development of HAX started on the 20th of April 2020.

Single Player Demo


HAX debuted on SideQuest on March 10th, 2021 with more 2.5K downloads in it's first week and made the Staff's Pick list.

It's Happening!

Pre-Alpha Testing


It has begun! We've started multiplayer testing. Currently HAX testing is by invite only, but we'll soon be inviting people from Discord. See you soon!



Our goal is to have an ALPHA version of HAX on the Meta Quest store ASAP. This will be an early access version of the game that will include: Single-Player and Multiplayer.

Release Date


TBD. We had no idea how hard multiplayer development for a mobile VR headset would be. We continue to work hard toward our goal of being a must-have VR title and eSport.


The HAX Press Kit is now available... info, art, and logos



VR shooter

VR sci-fi shooter

HAX is a multiplayer, sci-fi shooter with ground-breaking VR interactions, meant to accelerate learning and empower play.


By taking an arcade-style approach to gunplay, HAX will appeal to a large audience of casual gamers, as well as provide a battleground for a competitive, esport community. 


HAX boasts a high-quality, eye-catching, original artstyle designed specifically to maximize VR comfort, artistic appeal, and graphical performance on a mobile chipset. Thematically, HAX is set in a unique, dystopian future where digital weaponry meets artificial intelligence, and players progress by unlocking, upgrading, and customizing their arsenal.


HAX has blended the most timeless principles of the First-Person-Shooter genre with the immersive qualities of VR by crafting simple, intuitive controls in order to make the most accessible and exciting VR shooter possible.


Meta Quest

Pico Neo

HAX is being developed for all major mobile VR platforms

Mobile VR is the most affordable and accessible type of VR, and continues to grow year after year. Meta Quest and Pico are the two headsets we are targeting initially. We also plan on porting to PCVR and PSVR.



HAX is a first person shooter

Shooters are one of the most popular game genres of all time, second only to adventure games. We are making HAX because we love shooters, and we want to do it right - both for the shooter genre, as well as for VR. Most VR shooters are too complex with an array of hard-to-learn weapons, inventory, and general mechanics. Others are too simple. We want HAX to stand on the shoulders of giants and make a great boots-on-the-ground shooter.




Earth's future is rusty and worn. Where are the humans? We simply don't know. For now it's a battle between two robot factions - the UNR and the 404. These two factions fight over a rapidly diminishing supply of HAX - the radioactive gas from where all sentient intelligence came. HAX not only carries incalculable amounts of data, it also acts as a power source and can be compressed into a solid fired out of weapons - impacting with physics and hacking with code.

UNR: United Nations Robotics - the remaining UNR bots, the former civil police, struggle to maintain control of the last reserves of known HAX. Their protocol, although almost forgotten, is to preserve the Earth's habitability at all costs.

404: A rogue military division of bots, driven mad in an effort to regain connection with military command after humans vanished. After all other efforts to reconnect had failed, they turned to the internet, an internet slowly shutting down as servers around the world were left without maintenance. Coming up against the dreaded Error code 404 again and again, something began to change. These bots began to see the 404 as the answer to all questions. They would serve that answer, and spread the truth of the 404.


features & stuff

  • Intuitive VR: Easy-to-learn VR mechanics designed for exciting combat engagements

  • Game Modes: Deathmatch and Terminals, both with fully adjustable difficulty settings

  • Tutorial: Complete walkthrough tutorial with fully illustrated help guides

  • Practice: Arcade-style shooting range with mini-game

  • Immersive Art: High framerate performance with original, stylized artwork

  • Unlockables: Guns, attachments, swords, and grenades for personalized loadouts


Love, Respect, & Robots

built on respect

HAX aims to grow a healthy and inclusive community during development. One of our core values is respecting people while having fun; another is inclusivity. We invite you to join us in making a new community of gamers, one built on inclusivity and the mutual respect of others.

Join our growing community!

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