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Get ready for HAX!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Haven't heard from Engine Organic in while? It's because we've been under the hood of this bad boy. Say hello to a VR shooter with style, say hello to HAX.

HAX is a VR, first person, sci-fi shooter for the Oculus Quest. Keep an eye out for the Side Quest demo hitting the shelf any day now. The demo is single player, but the game will most definitely be multiplayer at launch.

What makes HAX special? I'm glad you asked.

We're staying true to the fun and excitement of traditional 2D shooters, while harnessing the power and immersion of virtual reality. HAX has done away with the complicated inventory full of mags, nades, knives, and all the other stuff you'll forget about in the heat of battle. We've designed a VR shooter with easy yet satisfying reloading - yes, you actually reload, and, yes, it is really fun.

The secret to our weapon and reload system is in our mags. Because HAX is a robot based sci-fi shooter, with an art style loosely resembling anime, we can transform our magazines into digital grenades and binary katanas and blades. So in the heat of battle you can quickly grab a magazine and turn it into whatever you need at that moment. Slash an enemy in an instant, or toss a grenade across the room without ever looking down at your utilities.

We're super excited to see where this new game takes us as a company.


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